Weeks are dizzying in the region: the victory of Mauricio Macri in the presidential elections in Argentina, opening the impeachment process Dilma Rousseff and now on Sunday the crushing defeat of Chavez in parliamentary elections.

They are different and surprising situations. In Argentina, it was the turn of Macri. It did not look like he would win and the victory was hard-fought. In Venezuela, it was expected that the opposition would win, but it reached a resounding victory on Sunday. And in Brazil, melancholic, who knew Gerais prevent the victory of Aécio Neves in October of last year's elections.

Argentina, Mauricio Macri reveals a leader, but will inherit a country in dire situation on Thursday, day of his inauguration. Cristina Kirchner does not want to drop the bone and the opposition promises to be just fierce, while playing the leadership of Peronism defeated at the polls. Macri shown skillful. It has a conservative history, but over the electoral path has moved closer to the center and now leads a conservative coalition of people but also social democratic

In Venezuela, in a way, it was relatively easy to win the parliamentary elections despite Chavez's intimidation machine. The economic picture is simply calamity and Nicolas Maduro has never been and never will be Hugo Chavez with its capital of charisma and political maneuvering.

The surprise is how Nicolas Maduro doubled the electoral reality on Monday morning and accepted defeat. As in Argentina, the opposition knew to join a coalition of 20 parties. Ahead, ungrateful challenges in a country with the highest inflation in the world with famine even toilet paper and where many people did not vote for the opposition, but against Nicolas Maduro.

Brazil's economic situation is a horror, but we can guarantee that Venezuelans until they are envious of Brazilians and Argentines. Well, it was good news in Venezuela and Argentina, but we are still far from a spring. As for Brazil, the political season has yet to be defined by the PMDB, a party dresses for all seasons.